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What Is The Google Redirect Virus?

October 6th, 2011 4 comments

What is it?
search redirect virusThe Google Redirect Virus is simply a Trojan that redirects your Google (and sometimes other search engines) searches to random sites. Some sites are normal everyday websites one would encounter such as Google or yahoo. Others are potentially dangerous and will attempt to spam, con, or provoke you into installing a virus. Occasionally, the virus would randomly create a spam site while you are surfing the web.

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However, there are numerous of variations of this Google search redirect virus and it gradually makes itself to be tougher and more difficult to remove. Depending on the level of severity of your Google redirect virus, some simple solutions such as clearing the cookies will not work. If you happen to find yourself with an intelligent form of the virus, you will have to resort to other methods that will be difficult if you aren’t tech savvy.

There is a program called TDSSKiller that has been specifically designed to hunt down and kill the virus. However, there might now be even more advanced versions of the virus that the program cannot fix. An expert or a new computer might then be the last solutions left.